Windows Live Messenger Error Code 80048820

Windows Live Messenger Error Code 80048820

You might receive following error message whenever you try to register for your Windows Messenger, "We were not able sign you to the Messenger at this time. Please repeat the process later."

Error code: 80048820

Extended error code: 80048416

Mostly this error occurs when Microsoft Internet Explorer SSL settings on your desktop usually are not correct. You may also check out this error when there is some problem with your Windows Live login ID OR Date and Time settings on your pc usually are not set correctly. If there is trouble with Microsoft Internet Explorer SSL settings, perform following steps to rectify it.

a) Open your internet Browser (Internet Explorer).

b) About the menu bar Click on TOOLS then Select Internet Options.

c) Visit Advanced tab.

d) Move towards Security section.

e) Clear the Look for Server Certificate revocation check box.

f) Click OK

g) Exit online Options dialog box.

h) Now close and Restart Web Browser (Internet Explorer) to allow settings.

i) Login Now

Sometimes we're attempting to Login using an Incorrect Windows Live ID. To ensure that you are employing Correct ID to Sign In; you should contact Windows live support. If you can't successfully login, it indicates that you're utilizing an incorrect ID. In cases like this you must write to Windows Live Support to seek further assistance. Another thing to test is Time and date settings of the computer. Typically Windows Messenger Logon problem occurs because of incorrect Starting time and date settings.

To fix Data & Time Issue, Double click the computer clock and set the information & time correctly.

Windows Live Messenger Error Code 80048820

Computer errors might also occur when Windows Registry is accumulated with errors or there is serious infection from your malicious program. To prevent and connect Your computer windows registry problems, you have to scan and clean it on consistent basis.


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